Explore a Universe of Stunning NFTs!

Located in the Andromeda Galaxy, 2.5 million light-years away, Planet TEWSI is part of a unique Solar System where three other planets are situated in the habitable zone. TEWSI is teeming with life, and most creatures are incredibly intelligent. 'Creatures From Planet Tewsi' is a collection featuring 1006 totally unique creatures. What's your favorite?

Each NFT in our collection represents a remarkable creature from this otherworldly planet. Embark on a journey through enchanting realms, each inhabited by mesmerising beings with their own distinctive traits and qualities

Each creature have three defining levels: IQ (Intelligence Quotient), Speed, and Strength. Their intellect ranges from 45 to 350, showcasing the vast spectrum of cognitive abilities found on planet TEWSI

Explore the Locations

Some locations have more inhabitants than others. The Underground is where most of the creatures live, while the Water has the opposite situation. Explore all the places, from hot locations like the Desert to freezing places like the Mountains, and FIND your favorite creature.

Meet the Photographers

Photographers are unique and rare beings. They are responsible for photographing each creature within their environment. They possess exceptional intelligence and are the only ones equipped with a photographic camera. Owning one of these NFTs is akin to possessing a "holy grail" of this collection.

Meet the Royals

Every location has a hierarchy, with a king and a queen ruling over each place, maintaining a balance of peace and love. Only the extremely intelligent creatures can one day become royalty. They are also very rare, so having one of them in your collection is truly special.

The Rarest in the Collection

A creature to rule them all... The Great Queen of Tewsi stands above all kings and queens from every location. She is like a divine being; without her, the Tewsi communities would fall apart.